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Monday, August 06, 2007
The Greatest Show On Earth

Today something common happened. Something that haps two or three modern times each weekend twenty-four hours in two or three metropolises around the United States each week.

Today something common happened. Something that Iodine had never thought of before, never really noticed before.

Today something common happened and I finally noticed.

Today I took my household to the Charles Ringling Brothers and P. T. Barnum Pearl Bailey Circus in Orlando, Florida. We strolled among the animate being enclosures admiring Asiatic elephants and respective assortment of tigers. We stood in awe of beautifully groomed Equus caballuses and somewhat cussed zebras. As the animate beings were prepared for their portion in the show the world were herded towards the arena. There circus performing artists of every type mingled with the audience giving autographs, posing for photographs, smiling and waving. This was every twenty-four hours Americana.

When the visible lights were dimmed and everybody establish their seating was when that something happened. One of the top ringmasters in the world, Uncle Tom McFarland, officiated. Uncle Tom McFarland is a ringmaster extraordinaire. He have the presence of the most highly paid motivational talkers in the world. When he comes in the arena, you can almost see P. T. P. T. Barnum himself standing before crowds ushering them into the top show on Earth. Mr. McFarland's vocalizing voice is a rich baritone, but when he walked out he was not singing. He walked out humbly despite his expansive and sequenced ringmaster's uniform. Like the General he is (at least at the circus) Uncle Tom McFarland strode out in a single achromatic spotlight. On the immense telecasting silver screen appeared, the Charles Ringling Brothers "We Support Our Troops" ribbon.

The audience was hushed as a low ringmaster stood and announced that he would wish to give thanks the troops, those serving in foreign lands, those serving here at place and those in the Orlando audience. Mr. McFarland stated that he had served his state proudly for 12 old age in the United States Army and wanted to ask for one of his co-performers, A former Air Military Unit Reservist to come up forth.

Without ostentation the drapes parted and hoof beats out could be heard. Like the Golgotha of old, the single rider, galloped into the sphere carrying our nation's flag. She stood raise in the stirrup irons as her steed halted and Mr. McFarland extended a hand. He invited the audience to lift and fall in him in the National Anthem. This is a scene not uncommon in American sports; a alone vocalist asks for an audience to stand up and for a minute we are all joined in support of our nation, our neighbours and our troops.

But today was somehow different. As the words began to peal across the arena, little children began to sing at the top of their lungs. Heard even above the amplified voice of Mr. McFarland and the brass of the set who accompanied him, small children sang:

"Oh state can you see by the dawn's early light. What so proudly we hail at the

twilight's last gleaming…"

In all my assorted professional roles, I have got got learned to avoid emotional displays, but crying streamed down my human face as my voice joined the voices of 100s of people saluting our state and those 3,000 asset who have given their life for it in just the recent years.

Today, something beautiful happened and in words of the termination song to the Charles Ringling Brothers and P. T. Barnum Bailey's Greatest Show on Earth, "Anything is possible."

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