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Thursday, June 21, 2007
Memorable 4th of July Celebrations

Almost all of us celebrate our glorious Independence Day with food, fun and fireworks. Here are some of the notable Independence Day celebration occurrences, that were celebrated very much in the way that we celebrate today. But these celebrations are notable because they were different in some way or the other.

1776 Independence Day Celebration

In 1776 Independence Day was celebrated on different dates in different parts of United States. This is the most noticeable point that attracts our attention. The first 4th of July celebration occurred shortly after the Declaration of Independence was declared in various locales along the Eastern Seaboard.

The glorious Independence Day was celebrated very much in the way we celebrate today. There were sound and dazzling fireworks covering the black sky. Emotions and sentiments played very significant role in the celebration.

In Philadelphia the celebration did not occur until the 8th of July as the Declaration of Independence was read on that day and in Williamsburg, a grand celebration had occurred on July 25.

1776 Independence Day Celebration included the reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Courthouse, the Capitol and the Palace. The celebration also included firing of cannon and musketry followed by a military parade.

1777 Independence Day Celebration In Philadelphia

This is one of the most well organized and the first elaborate Independence Day celebrations we have ever witnessed. The celebration included all the inspirational events along with the demonstration of joy and festivity. The first anniversary of our Independence Day in Philadelphia was celebrated on the 4th of July with parade and firing of cannons, one round in the honor of each state of the union. The day was closed with the tolling of the bells and at the night there was a grand exhibition of fire works and the city was beautifully decorated with lights. Music, dinner and and other entertainments were parts of the celebration and everything was conducted with utmost decorum.

1826 Celebration of the Fourth

Referred to as the "Jubilee of Freedom" the 50th anniversary of our Independence Day was celebrated in 1826. It was in 1826 that our Independence Day was celebrated with the greatest procession of loyalists in Charleston. The city had witnessed such a beautiful procession after a long span of time. Our Nation was adorned with lights and the flags. The procession started from the Citadel green with an immense gathering of 10,000 men, women and children and the place was flooded with huge number of spectators. And the most interesting thing was that, during the entire length of their journey they sang:

"John Brown's body lies a moulding in the grave,

John Brown's body lies a moulding in the grave,

John Brown's body lies a moulding in the grave,

His soul is marching on!

Glory! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

Glory! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah!

We go marching on!"

4th of July Celebration Around Skagit River in 1876

The first recorded community celebration of 4th of July was held at Fidalgo Island and March's Point in the year 1876. This has been an ever memorable day for the early settlers of Fidalgo Island and March's Point, although there was a small gathering of only 100 people on the William Munks' farm for celebrating the nation's centennial birthday anniversaries. This 4th of July celebration included full day festivities with lots of fireworks, foods and fun. They started the the day with an opening salute followed by three loud cheers in the honor of the nation's birthday. Then there was music and marching, following which Hiram March (March's Point) read the Declaration of Independence. Three cheers were also given to the "ladies of Fidalgo". The celebration was enriched with oration, lots of toasts and numerous beautiful songs and finally a grand march to the table.

The amount of information on 4th of July is enormous and here are some of the never to be forgettable episodes. We can share all such information along with our heartfelt love with our friends and beloveds on this Independence Day. Let us share our feelings with all our American brothers and sisters by sending inspirational ecards along with great wishes and messages.

"Hallowed be the day, forever bright its memory in the heart of the Nation.
Sing to it, poets;
shout to it, freemen;
celebrate it with bonfires, parades, and triumphant assemblies"
(Daily Alta California, 4th of July 1855).

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