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Wednesday, May 02, 2007
Simple Tricks In Poured Ceramics

If you've been dabbling in poured ceramics for any time at all, it's time to learn some new tricks.Despite what you've been told, you don't have to wait until the greenware is dry before cleaning it. In fact, it's much cleaner work if you clean it while it's still wet.You can trim off those seams and then flatten them out, with the side of your cleaning tool. This way seams don't show at all, in the finished piece.

Using a wet sponge, at this stage is also a cleaner job, as it doesn't take much water at all to smooth out the rough spots.You really need to have experienced handling wet greenware before attempting a wet cleaning job, as you can hold it too tight and collapse the piece. If it's strong enough to just sit on a small board, it's best to leave the piece in the standing position, so that you don't handle it too much. Miniatures, you can hold in your hand while cleaning. It's really no big deal.Careful not to use a sponge too dry though, as this can pack down the clay, causing a slick spot.

If you plan to use glaze or underglaze, that's important but if you plan to simply paint on bisque, it makes no difference at all.You can also add and subtract clay bits to change the design. As long as it's still wet, you can add a little slip, slide too pieces together, sponge off the excess and you've made an attachment. You can carve out designs like in the side of a pot. You can attach the carved out pieces to the side of the pot using slip like a glue. As long as everything is still wet and has not yet shrunk. You can play with the greenware, all the way up to the leather hard stage.http://judysbookshop.com/ceramic.htm

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There's always more articles on this subject at http://judysbookshop.com/ceramic.htm

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