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Wednesday, May 09, 2007
Leanne Simpson Young Artist - Muralist Embarks On Electifying Anti-Drug Artwork Series

Her Artworks... Bold... Electric.. Emotional... Her Smile... Warm and Dazzling. This is Leann Simpson. The twenty four year old artist/muralist/logoist/optimist, who has a message in her heart, that may help open the eyes of children, teens and yes, maybe even adults. Ms. Simpson, who is driven by the need for spiritual and emotional expression has big plans. She is embarking on a series of Anti-Drug Artworks, in hopes of reaching the minds of the young and not so young.

Her style brings to mind a Van Goghish kind of flavor, swirls of eddying form and color, with a fresh punch of bold op art influence. The combination is not subtle. It reaches you. Grabs your eye. "The Anti-Drug series I have been painstakingly developing, encompasses twelve distinct pieces of emotionally charged expression, aiming at the truth of drug use... one for each of the most used and harmful drug substances" Ms. Leann reveals, with a master artpiece tying together "The Whole Message." The power in this message will be recognized by those lives' who are in struggle with substance abuse addiction. Ms. Simpson completed her first mural in April, 1997, while still at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, CA.

The work, entitled " Diamond Habitat", is a 20 foot by 10 foot masterpiece in the school's Science Building. She completed another master muralpiece entitled "The Adventure" which was commissioned by the city of Long Beach. More mural assignments followed, all commissioned, at various locations in the city of Los Angeles. Ms. Simpson is not afraid of challenge, as one can tell by the topic she has chosen to create her newest collection upon.

Ms Simpson is a bold artist with a heart and a goal. A goal that may serve up shocking visual lessons of the insidious harm and decay that families endure, watching loved ones suffer through addictive problems. With optimism and reality based expression, this young artist may start a new trend. USE ART... NOT DRUGS. We wait for her reveal.


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