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Sunday, May 13, 2007
The History of Writing - Arizona Blue-Gunfighter

( I think the original idea for the stories of Arizona Blue, were invented in my mind, back when I was perhaps ten or eleven years old, those far off dreams come back do them not.)

The Arizona Blue stories: first imagined, and were written down in 1990, was but two stories, and put into a stack of papers in the basement of my house in Minnesota, and forgotten for the most part (today, May, 2007, there are now 31-stories, and on 226—internet sites, and three of the 31, are in a book called, "Everyday's an Adventure," and perhaps someday all will be put into a book, should I find someone willing to publish them).

The first story was suppose to be the last story 1) "Lady in White," (six chapters) being the first of the two, although if I recall right, in 2001, and 2002, I reconstructed it a little. And the second one was 2) "Wild Flower," which was not it's originally name; it was really part of the first and original story. Then I wrote the third in 2001, and completed it in 2002 called "Deadwood," (after I went to Deadwood) I added as a subtitle 3) "The Mexican Stand off (Deadwood)" and in July 2005 (was created in episodes, but made in chapters: for example: ´Showdown on Main Street,' and 'The Barber Shop' and 'Chickamauga' and 'The Rooming House.' Thus, we have five episodes individually published but later on sewed together) I added to the five part story, about 2500-more words, making the four parts more of a five part short story, connecting to one another, instead of one interconnecting long story, which it is in essence, if one wishes it to be. So Episode four could really be #8.

In the third story, originally called "Deadwood," which later on became part of the full title "The Mexican Stand off (Deadwood)" a story of Chickamauga was added to the narrative. The rock of Chickamauga was put in after review of the battle. The author me, during my Army stay in Germany, prior to going to the war in Vietnam, in 1970-71, I was stationed at a military base, called Reese Compound, in Augsburg, Germany 1/36 Artillery, where there was a huge rock their with the inscription, "In Memory of the Battle of Chickamauga." This I never forgot some how, and so out of respect and memory I added it to his story, or series as it has now turned out to be.

I spent 11-years in the military service. In the first part of August 2002, when I was editing the three stories for the book "Everyday's An Adventure," of which many of my short stories were put into the book, my wife Rosa of three-years, at the time, liked the stories so much, I wrote a forth story, called 4) "Arizona-Blue, and The Wolf Nest (in the North)". I completed it except for the conclusion, which it was already designed to be a two part story; but felt later on it was not necessary, and entered a short summation to the story.

Thus, it was revised, and is as you see it now; it surfaced August of 2005, and became very popular on the internet.

I did start to write another Arizona-Blue story, my fifth, called 5) "Another Town," in 2001, but it was just an outline and until this day, has never surfaced beyond that; in July of 2005, I did revised it and added about 300-words to it, it was meant to be a chapter within a story, or an Advance for a story.

Consequently, all the stories are new for the most part, with the same themes or topic, and plot, but perhaps, better motifs [or designs].

July, 2005, I added the sixth story to the ongoing series 6) "Crazy Sam," and in August, 2005 (which I wrote on a napkin and can't find), added number seven, 7) "A Rough Year—1844" which was really an extension of "Another Town," and "Crazy Sam," an extension of "The Mexican Stand-off" 8) Purple, Gray Skies (1844—Flagstaff, Arizona) 8/2005; 9) In the Wagon (1844) 8/15/05; 10) Abilene-Loreto (Arizona-Blue, 1887) written 9/15/05 and 11) A Fools Draw (1870s) Written 11/29/05. 12) "At the Red Dog," was rediscovered 1 December, 2005, the idea was planned out on the computer 1/2005 (after visiting the Red Dog Saloon, in Juneau Alaska, where the Idea came from), but never fully constructed; when discovered in my files #2 out of #9 files where at that time I kept some of my stories I put it on the internet. Number #13 "One Horse and Six Men," was written on 12-12-2005, spontaneously, as most of these stories were written, especially the later ones (2001-2007).

In 2006, I wrote several more Arizona Blue stories, such as (#23) "Rawhide and Whale Bone," written on: 6-2-2006. "Roofless Hades, in Mexico"; Episodes number #24 & #25, (written on: 6-24-2006)

and up to May of 2007, I wrote four more short stories ¨#27 thru #31, all interconnecting (linking that is) with the theme and plot constructed in number #27, "Death Along the Canyon's Rim!"

Most all the places, locations I've mentioned in these 31-stoires I've visited, such as Deadwood, and the boarder towns, Cheyenne, Minnesota. The only one I can think of I have not been to would be El Paso.

By the author, Dennis L. Siluk May 11, 2007


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