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Friday, May 11, 2007
Give An 'Ear' To Your 'Ear' Problems With 'Ear' Candles

Our senses influence our sensibilities!

Life may sound like a melodious music to the auditory sense organs if we take care of them well. Many of us keep worrying about how to get rid of the unwanted 'earwax' and soothe sore ear problem in an effective manner.

Well, age old folk medicine practice of 'ear candling' has been a popular means adopted by people for addressing their 'earwax' problem. Ear candling helps the natural cleaning of ear wax and toxins from a person's ear by placing a hollow candle in the ear.
In ear candling, one end of the candle is lighted and the other end is placed in the ear canal. The heat generated from the candle melts the ear wax and the vacuum created by the burning candle sucks the earwax out of the ear. Ear candles are hollow in order to allow the molten wax reach into the ear canal.

Medical practitioners consider ear candling as a pseudoscience, a theory or practice that lacks a scientific and rational foundation. According to them, ear candles cannot generate a vacuum sufficient enough to draw out the ear wax. Moreover, ear candles cannot create a sufficiently high temperature to melt the ear wax.

However, all such antagonistic viewpoints have not deterred people from availing the positive effects of ear candling. Ear candling is a gentle and natural way to get relief from ear pain due to build up of ear wax. The heat makes you feel good and is quite relaxing! Ear candles may be used to break down the earwax or open the eustacian tube that usually gets blocked after flying.
More and more people are purchasing ear candles for cleaning their ears. Ear candles are usually available at the health food or nutrition stores.

So, ear candling not only helps you to get rid of ear pains but also pampers your auditory senses!

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