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Saturday, March 31, 2007
Watch Satellite TV Controls for Children

Watching satellite TV is an enjoyable experience for the whole family. But there are dangers also. Our children could be exposed to unsuitable media such as nudity, violence and coarse language. Companies came up with parent controls, otherwise known as the V-chip to block off programs when children watch satellite TV based on specific criteria. The V-chip was birthed since the telecommunications act of 1996 was passed arising from a rise in the violent, nudity and coarse language content of TV channels in homes.

How does the V-chip work?

It behaves like a child lock and is activated by parents with PIN numbers or passwords. Once activated, the satellite system would interrupt all transmission of harmful and unwanted satellite TV channels. TVs today are generally equipped with the V-chip. Parents can have a peace of mind knowing that they can now select the appropriate TV programs for their children to watch satellite TV. However, it is not entirely full-proof as kids nowadays are quite tech-savvy. Young ones may figure out your PIN or password and use them to watch satellite TV channels of their desire.

The Children's Television Act only deals with television programming and advertising effects on children, but fails to address the other major concern of parents – the content. Much depends on how the parents control this at home. They would need to enforce strict house rules in order to restrict their children from starting or sneaking to watch satellite TV channels which are not suitable for their viewing. With the escalating amount of violence, nudity, wrong thinking and fantasies in TV content, the young minds are easily corrupted. This would adversely affect their development from adolescence to adulthood.

The invention of the V-chip certainly makes it easier and more manageable for parents to control the content. It effectively stops your kids so that they do not watch satellite TV that is inappropriate for their age. What is so good about using a V-chip is the ease of setting up the restrictions on programs that you do not want your children to watch on the satellite TV.

Find out at my blog how to access more educational programs and interesting cartoons to engage your children so that they can learn from their viewing experience when they watch satellite TV at home.

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