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Monday, March 05, 2007
Jennifer Hudson Is A True American Idol

When one door closes, another opens

Never has that been truer than in the case of Jennifer Hudson, 2007 Oscar winner of best supporting actress for DREAM GIRLS And I, for one, am delighted for her.

When Simon slammed the door on her aspirations to become American Idol 2005, by telling her and millions of viewers that she was "out of her league", he may just have done her the biggest favour of her career. Maybe she was out of her league as far as American Idol goes, but only because she was obviously in the wrong league!

Having said that, I don't believe for one moment that Jennifer was "out of her league" on American Idol, but I am also highly suspicious of what goes on behind the scenes of that show. After 6 seasons of this show, it's blatantly obvious how the comments by Simon sway the voting and I'd go so far as to suggest the judges know who they want to win and who they don't, early in the piece. So their comments, especially when it comes down to the wire, are designed to make sure their choices make it to the finish line. In Jennifer's case, it wasn't so much she was out of her league, but the judges, especially Simon, needed to be sure that Carrie Underwood did win. I think that was that year. Correct me if I'm wrong.

But to the point: what thrills me about Jennifer Hudson's amazing year, (ie. her other awards for Dream Girls prior to the Oscar win) is that she should now serve as a true idol for all those who try out for American Idol and don't make it. Week after week we see the tears and get the feeling that for some of the more talented ones, their careers are over because they're finished on the show.

But Jennifer has proved that if a person really has the talent, and more important to success, the confidence, belief in herself, the drive and determination, she can make it and perhaps in an even bigger way. No one is going to forget that Jennifer Hudson took home an Oscar for her first role; no-one is going to forget that the famous Beyonce didn't score a nomination for any of the awards.

Jennifer Hudson may not have been the 2005 American Idol, but she most certainly is the new "Dream Girl". She never gave up; she auditioned and won out over 700+ competitors for this role and has come up an even bigger winner than she or anyone might have thought when Simon sent her packing. That's the stuff real stars are made of.

Those wanting so badly to be the next big star or the next American Idol should take their cue from Jennifer and not Britney Spears. Jennifer's success didn't come easily. Nor was it manufactured. She earned her success with her attitude, talent and perseverance. The adage is true: "It's your attitude, not your aptitude that determines your altitude".

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