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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Go Diego Go Is The Best

Go Diego Go is a wonderful animated series that is created for pre-school children. The first episode of Go Diego Go was aired on September 6, 2005 on Nick Jr. This show went on for a year and then stopped until new episodes were being called in by CBS. Go Diego Go is about a boy who loves animals. He is eight years old and the voice over of this character is Jake Toranzo, which in the newer series is taken over by Jake T. Austin. Diego is a very kind hearted boy who helps the animals that are in danger. Diego has a companion named Baby Jaguar who comes along with Diego but gets into trouble most of the time.

Diego has a cousin named Dora, an 11-year-old sister Alicia who is a computer expert. Diego hears the cry of help of the animals in his animal rescue center in a rainforest. Among other characters include the camera that is named Click, which is voice by Rosie Perez and tracks down the animal that is calling for help. Diego wears a bag that is known as the Rescue Pack that can transform into different objects according to the need of the time and two spider monkeys that are known as Bobo Brothers. Go Diego Go just sends out a message that we need to help people who are in trouble and it is something very courageous to do.

The animals that are saved by Diego always come for his help when they find him in trouble and the character that comes for help the most is Linda, who is a Llama. Go Diego Go is an hour long episode that has won the hearts of millions of kids. Go Diego Go is now available as party decorations and is really admired by a lot of kids. Just a last word, Go Diego Go is also a wonderful platform for the children to learn Spanish as well along with moral education.

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