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Thursday, February 01, 2007
Appraisal Methods

Most valuators utilize three attacks to set up the value of a property. The Sales Comparison Approach is normally considered to be the best indicant of value for residential property.

Sales Comparison Approach: In this attack the valuator happens three to four comparable places in the vicinity which have got recently sold. Ideally, these places are within a one-half mile radius of the topic property and have got sold within the last six months. The valuator compares the sold places to the topic property. The factors used in the comparison include square footage, number of sleeping rooms and bathrooms, property age, batch size, view, and property condition.

Cost approach: This attack sees the value of the land, assumed vacant, added to the cost to retrace the appraised edifice as new on the day of the month of value, less the accumulated depreciation the edifice endures in comparison with a new building.

Income capitalization approach: In this attack the possible network income of the property is capitalized to get at a property value. This attack is suited to income-producing properties and is usually used in conjunction with other evaluation methods. The procedure of converting a hereafter income watercourse into a present value is known as capitalization.


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