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Monday, January 01, 2007
Buying A Home After Bankruptcy - How Long Should You Wait to Buy?

Individuals interested in buying their ain home endeavor to keep a positive credit rating. This is achieved by paying measures on time, having a low debt to income ratio, and so forth. Nevertheless, respective lenders are eager to offer home mortgages to people with bad credit. These mortgages have got a higher interest rate, which increases the monthly payment. Although a mortgage may be attained with bad credit, the course of study of action is slightly different for people who have got filed bankruptcy.

Two Types of Bankruptcies

There are two types of bankruptcies. A chapter 7 bankruptcy affects complete settlement in which debts make not have got to be re-paid. On the other hand, a chapter 13 bankruptcy implies repaying a part of the debt over a fixed period. For the most part, a bankruptcy should be the last alternative, and not a quick hole to credit problems. Many accounts cause a individual to register bankruptcy. These include extra credit card and consumer debt, high medical bills, etc. Lenders determine credit worthiness based on information provided in credit reports. A bankruptcy is a negative comment that remains on credit reports for 10 years. Throughout this 10-year period, people who filed bankruptcy can anticipate to pay higher interest rates on automobile loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

How Long Should You Wait Before Buying a Home

Obtaining a home after filing for bankruptcy is feasible; nonetheless, people who have got filed must accede to specific stipulations. To obtain a mortgage after filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13, you must wait at least two old age after the bankruptcy is discharged. Moreover, people who have got had a bankruptcy lawsuit dismissed must also wait two old age before applying for a mortgage. During this 24-month period, it is recommended that person's re-establish their credit history. If possible, get a line of credit from at least three to four creditors. Immediately following a bankruptcy, a secured credit card, or a high interest credit card is your best option. However, once a good payment history is established with these creditors, you may be able to obtain credit card offers with sensible rates.

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